In today’s digital world people are giving high attention towards online marketing for branding there business. Google Search engine have became a great platform for advertising. Everyone who are involved in SEO business are curious to know about the tips & tricks for higher website page ranking. If you are thinking that you can find out how exactly search engine calculates to show organic search result than you are wrong. Google keep confidential about how search algorithm works to rank pages in organic search. Each year google changes its algorithm several times. Nearly 400 to 500 times google updates minor changes in its search algorithm every year. Google Panda & Google Penguin are the two major factors used for core google search algorithm. The last major change took place was at 23 september 2016,  when penguin 4.0 update was introduced by google for spam free & accurate search result.

Google search engine is a software but way too fast & smarter than human mind. Google crawler crawls each any every page of your website and displays the result according to the search topic.  If you are thinking google charge for organic search result than it is absolutely wrong. Google algorithm is used to determine and rank relevant page  according to the page popularity & CTR(Click through rate). Some of the Important factors google notice while ranking the page are:

  • Unique & Topic related Page Content
  • Page layout & Structure
  • Title Tag with Keyword
  • Sitemap
  • Images
  • Permalink relevancy
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Length
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Post Title with meta description.
  • Link to site & internal links.
  • Social media marketing.